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Frequently asked questions

Are you Sports Agent?

I am not a Sports Agent. I do however provide some services that enhance what Sports Agents do, such as the interpretation of sports or endorsement contract provisions and the legal boundaries of sports and law.

Are you an Artist Manager?

I am not an Artist Manager. There are some parts of the legal representation process that may overlap with the management process, but as a lawyer, I stay strictly within the boundaries of contract review, contract negotiation and writing contracts that benefit the various parties in the process such as artists, producers, managers, studio owners, songwriters and record labels.

Do you provide pro bono services?

I do provide pro bono services for certain areas of the law and for some situations. Each situation is unique and will be determined solely on a case by case basis.

Why is the pricing different for contract review?

All contracts are not created equal. Contracts are written in many formats and some contain lots of technical jargon that require more time and more application than normal.

Do I need to retain a lawyer?

It all depends on what you anticipate your legal needs will be. If you’re asking this question, it may be a great idea to take advantage of one of our free 15-minute legal consultations.

What does contract drafting entail?

Drafting a contract means that you want me to think of, create and then write a contract for you or your business that provides terms and agreements specifically tailored to your unique situation or scenario.